Google Tricks #25 Tricks which google can Do for you and you never knew.

We have compiled great google tricks and what google can do for you collection.You would be amazed with what this amazing search engine can do fro you apart from just showing you the best search engine results.Lets get started with what google can do for you. Also get Google search tricks, funny google tricks, Google Fun Tricks, Secret Google Tricks and Tips, Hidden Google secret tricks that you might not be knowing.

What can google do for me? (Updated Google Tricks)

No.Google Tricks NameGoogle Tricks Description
1Flip a CoinGoogle will flip a coin either Head Or Tail.
2Google Barrel RollGoogle will rotate the search result page in 360 degrees.
3Google GravityEverything will fall down.
4Google CalculatorGoogle will act as a calculator.
5OK GoogleGoogle will listen for a voice command.
6Google SaleGoogle will show you best exciting deals for you.
7Heart GraphWill draw a heart graph on a particular equation.
8AskewGoogle will tilt the result page,
9Google in 1998How was the Google in 1998?
10Number SpeakerWill speak number for you.
11Do ConversionsCurrency conversions, foot to meter, cm to m etc..
12Google Chrome’s Secret GameWill play some games for you.
13Zerg RushIts a game.
14Atari BreakoutBreakout is an arcade game.
15Google PacmanIts a game.
16Blink HTMLHTML work will blink from your screen.
17Google Set TimerYou can set timer by voice search or manual task.
18Sunrise and Sunset TimeGoogle will show you the time in your area.
19TranslatorThis will translate the languages into one another.
20Distances Between Cities
and Flights Between Cities
Will show the available flights between cities.
21Get DefinitionsTo get the definition
22Live WebcamsYou can see the live webcams.
23Google Find Sports ScheduleGoogle will show you the sports statistics or the schedule of the matches.

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Google Trick 1. Flip a Coin ( Heads or Tails ) 

Yes you read it right,now google will flip a coin for you so now you never have to fight with your friend or be afraid that your friend will cheat you in anyway with the coin flipping and win you over something.You have google and google wont cheat you.# go digital # go google#Nocheating

Procedure – Just write “Flip a Coin” in google search and DONE.


(Google Flip a Coin trick Demo)

Google Trick 2. Roll a Die (1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 ) 

Playing board game? Don’t have a die no worry you always have google.Google will now roll a die for you just instruct google to do so.Board games were never so easy to play.Enjoy unlimited ludo and business games at your place with google tricks.Here is how to do it

Procedure – Just write “Roll a Die” in google search and DONE.


(Google Roll a die trick Demo)

Google Trick 3. What exact time is sunset and sunrise today

Going for jogging early morning ? google will tell you exact time for sunrise in your area.Also for your date evening ask google to get you exact sunset time and you will be on time for the perfect event at perfect time.

Procedure – Just write “Sunset or Sunrise in Mumbai(Your Area | City)” in google search and DONE.


(sunset and sunrise google search tricks Demo)

Google Trick 4. Set timer and you don’t have digital watch

want to set timer for your task and oops you don’t have digital watch.NO ISSUE at all.Google will set that for you no worry.Google has procedure to set timer and schedule task for you,just follow below mentioned procedure.Viola!

Procedure – Just write “set timer for 5 minutes 20 seconds” in google search and DONE.


(set timer google search tricks Demo)

Google Trick 5. Weather Forecast

Going for a trip or outing and unsure about the weather or weather forecast there.No need to contact your friend to that town and find it.We have Google who knows almost (Google doesn’t know my earning)  everything.Just follow below mentioned format and google will let you know if its good to go out there.

Procedure – Just write “weather forecast for mumbai” in google search and DONE.


(weather forecast google search trick Demo)

Google Trick 6. Google Tip Calculator

Enjoying dinner party with friends and now its difficult time to calculate the individual slit per person also how much tip to give.No worry my friend use Tip calculator and it will do the difficult work for you.Make it easier. Doesn’t it?

Procedure – Just write “Tip Calculator” in google search and DONE.


(tip calculator google fun trick Demo)

Google Trick 7. Google converter

Weak at maths or going abroad for first time and facing problem converting currency.No worry my friend why do we have google.It will help you out in this problem too.Convert measurement units or currency in like seconds and that to with precision.With google converter its fast easy and perfect.

Procedure – Just write “1 $ in indian rupees  or 1m in feet” in google search and DONE.


(google measurement | currency converter google trick Demo)

Google Trick 8. Google language translator

Travelling abroad or having a facebook friend who speaks other language which you do not.Still want to talk to him or her.No problem just translate your words from google translator.As easy as it seems.

Procedure – Just write “welcome to india in Hindi” in google search and DONE.


(google language translator google trick Demo)

Google Trick 9. Google Flight Status

Yes now google can tell you in seconds what’s your flight status,just follow the below given format and you do not need to go to your Airline operators site and check the status.Just google it bro.

Procedure – Just write “AI 614 flight status” in google search and DONE.


(Google flight status search google trick Demo)

Google Trick 10. Google Voice Search

Tired of typing and googling,google has came up with voice search for you just tap the Mic icon and Viola.Now google will listen to you and your queries and fetch the best results for you and yes also it will many times read out the result for you in feasible conditions. This is the most used and indeed a helpful google search trick. Google Voice Search Trick now has become so much advanced. It helps us in many ways. Just say whatever you want, the kind of help you want e.g. Nearest Restaurant. Then Google will find nearest restaurant to your location. This much cool it is. If you want to set a remainder then follow the procedure, first say set remainder to Google, Then Set time for remainder or just say remind me to call Amy tomorrow at 5PM.

Procedure – Just tap MIC Icon and Speak what you need.


(Google voice search google trick Demo)

Google Trick 11. Google Songs and Book search by favorite singer | Author

Are you die hard fan of shakira or chetan bhagat for someone else now google can tell you all books or movies or songs the person has done.Just google it as below shown format

Procedure – Just write “Books by chetan Bhagat” in google search and DONE.


(Google books,songs,movie search by favourite author,singer,actor|actress  google trick Demo)

Google Trick 12. Google Movie release date and Movie Show timings

Eager to know when your favorite movie is going live with your favourite starrer or wanna know its show timing in nearly theater.Just google it in following format as shown below and you will get the needful.

Procedure – Just write “PINK Movie show timing in Mumbai | PINK movie release date in INDIA” in google search and DONE.


(Google movie show timing and movie release date checker google trick)

Google Trick 13. Google Photo Location Search

Interested in knowing where particular photo was clicked,yes you can surely know it exactly where it was clicked just drag and drop the image in google search bar and google will tell you the location.Thank me later.I know its Cool

Procedure – Just Drag and drop the Image you want to search where it was clicked and google will let you know the Location.

(Photo Location Finder google trick Demo)

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Let us know one Trick google chrome can do when you loose your Internet Connection.Chrome can get you to play a video game on screen when you are not connected.Yes great time pass it can serve as.

Instructions to play the google chrome game :  Just press space button when you are offline on chrome and the dianosour starts automatically use space to control and jump and avoid the obstacles.And believe me the game is good to play for Fun.Comment Down your Score.:)D

(Google chrome offline game demo)

Not happy yet ,we have some weird tricks google can be seen in GOOGLE TRICKS for FUN!

Google Fun Tricks

Let the Fun of this Interesting Engine begin.

Just before starting follow the simple procedure.


And yes this is all , we are done and ready to go.


Google Trick 14. Zerg Rush

This will get a game for you which will destroy your search results and you have to fight to avoid them (Just a game no need to worry)


Google Trick 15 Atari Breakout

The old brick and dashboard game which we used to play in our childhoods 90’s great to play


Google Trick 16. Google Underwater

Google will go underwater and work as it is just the theme will change. You can see Google swimming. It looks pretty awesome floating on water.


Google Trick 17. Google Pond

Google will show up with pond effect.It looks great just try it out. It is a fun trick. You will get the feeling that you are at the top of the pond and everyone usually throw stones in water. So, here when you move your cursor here and there it will get distracted like water.

google-pond-google trick,google search trick

Google Trick 18. Google space

Google will behave as if it was in space.

google space google trick,google sapce google search trick

Google Trick 19. Google Gravity

Google would work if it was in Zero gravity.


Google Trick 20. Google in 1980

Will show how googel might have been in 1980’s

Google Trick 21. Google snake

Great snake game in google doodle to play with snake. It is the old traditional snake game that we all used to play in our childhood. We all miss that game now. But Google is taking care of you by carrying that game for you.

Google Trick 22. Google pac man

Pac man game like we used to play in our childhood. Its a very easy game everyone would like to play. Its that simple.

Google Trick 23. Google mirror

Google if it was placed before mirror.


Amazing google tricks aren’t they.I felt above the world using them.Try them and impress your friends saying you customized googles website.

Enjoyed? Have Last 2 More..

No need to click on feeling lucky for next 2 tricks. Just do a Simple Google search

Google Trick 24. Answer to life the universe and everything 

It will give you the answer as 42 and i have no clue why.If you know why shoot a comment below.

Google Trick 25. Recursion

Even if you type this spelling properly it will again show you did you mean Recursion (This itself is recursion)

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