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All google tricks must not be known to you all. So here we have compiled the top hidden, secret, google search tricks of 2016. We have compiled this from various sources. Here we have just compiled the name of the google trick and the short description about the Google Search tricks. If you want to know more about each and every Google Trick in detail then visit here.

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Google Tricks List 


google tricks list

Google Tricks List and Description

No.Google Tricks NameGoogle Tricks Description
1Flip a CoinGoogle will flip a coin either Head Or Tail.
2Google Barrel RollGoogle will rotate the search result page in 360 degrees.
3Google GravityEverything will fall down.
4Google CalculatorGoogle will act as a calculator.
5OK GoogleGoogle will listen for a voice command.
6Google SaleGoogle will show you best exciting deals for you.
7Heart GraphWill draw a heart graph on a particular equation.
8AskewGoogle will tilt the result page,
9Google in 1998How was the Google in 1998?
10Number SpeakerWill speak number for you.
11Do ConversionsCurrency conversions, foot to meter, cm to m etc..
12Google Chrome’s Secret GameWill play some games for you.
13Zerg RushIts a game.
14Atari BreakoutBreakout is an arcade game.
15Google PacmanIts a game.
16Blink HTMLHTML work will blink from your screen.
17Google Set TimerYou can set timer by voice search or manual task.
18Sunrise and Sunset TimeGoogle will show you the time in your area.
19TranslatorThis will translate the languages into one another.
20Distances Between Cities
and Flights Between Cities
Will show the available flights between cities.
21Get DefinitionsTo get the definition
22Live WebcamsYou can see the live webcams.
23Google Find Sports ScheduleGoogle will show you the sports statistics or the schedule of the matches.

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We update our content on a regularly basis. So stay tuned to know more such hidden, secret google search tricks while we experiment on another tricks to get posted.

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