New Google Tricks in 2017

Everyone is the familier with the Google. Nowadays every person needs the google for searching the any type of information. We can find every information with the help of google. It handles more than billion searches each day.

What is Google?

The word ‘Google’ means ‘Search’. “Google is the most famous or popular search engine in the world”

Google provides simple interface and simple environment which is very easy use. It has many types of useful tricks and tools which are hide. These tricks are allows you to make better searches and do better research and searches information very easily and immediately.

New Google Tricks in 2017:

  • Search by Voice

  • Search by Image

  • Search by Keywords

  • Search by Location

  • Search within a Specific Website

  • Find Specific files

  • Find Similar Websites

  • Search Application

  • Search a Specific Phrase

  • Customize Your Search Settings

 Search by Voice:


Voice search is possible with the google means it allows you to make voice searches. If you are the Google application on Android or iOS, then you can click on the Microphone button and after that we can directly speaks to Google what you are looking for. And after listening your voice or receiving your input, it shows the proper result or generates the output quickly which you want.

 Search by Image:



Google search engine not only search for the words but also for different images. You can now use a photo of your friend to search more of his or her photos by simply clicking the Camera button which seen in the search bar of Google Images, and  then paste an image or upload a picture from your computer or machine for image searching.

Search by Keywords:


This trick is generally used by professionals because it is to keywords. Keyword means it is a reserved or fixed word for specific purpose. To search by keywords, you can select the option keyword from the search option and type or insert the word which you want to search. This trick can retrieve a large number of results. There are also another several options are available for more searching.

Search by Location:


This google trick used the Google Map or IP address of your internet connection for searching a particular location. You can search for all kinds of things like post offices, bus stops, names of areas of particular city, specific address or anything which related to location by using the Google Maps.

Search with a Specific Websites:


This google trick is very easy to use or handle. It allows you to search within a given websites only not search the full Internet. Simply enter the website name and then you will get all the information of that particular website.

Find Specific files:


This trick allows you to search for specific files on the web instead of content or websites. By this trick, it is very easy to handle when you are searching for presentations or PDF files, drawings or other files whose extension is known by you.

Find Similar Websites:


It helps to tells that which websites are similar in the given websites. It is better to know similar websites if you are doing a research on some particular product or the website.

 Search Application:


You can find out the particular or specific applications which you want. You can asked to google to find smartphone applications for you. For that, you should follow the some steps that are click More option and then click Apps option to check out the applications based on your requirements.

Search a Specific Phrase:


It can be used to search the specific phrase. Google provides the lists only the results having the given phrase with same order of words as listed in the phrase.

Customize Your Search Settings:


It is used to modify the settings in proper way. These Search Settings can be opened by clicking on Settings option which is at the bottom of Google’s homepage on right side.You can customize your search settings as per your needs .



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