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Definition of VR Headset:

VR headset means Virtual Reality Headset.VR Headset is a kind of head worn apparatus or device that completely covers the eyes for attractive 3D experience. It is also called as “VR goggles”VR headsets are widely used with many computer games, they are also used in other applications including simulators and trainers. VR headsets are usually with the computer generated.

Top 10 Best VR Handsets:

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Playstation VR
  • Avegant Glyph
  • Razer OSVR
  • Ziess VR One Plus
  • Visus VR
  • StarVR

Oculus Rift:

Oculus RiftSince the project’s conception in 2012, Oculus and their impressive Rift headset have been same with this VR. They are the biggest names in VR, they are the first delivered to the customers. The Rift ships with the headset, motion sensor, remote and USB cables etc. Recently Oculus invented up their library of games of 3rd party headset owners. They hopefully with, which is trend as their games are already has been seen consequence growth.

HTC Vive:


A high quality of VR experience delivered by the HTC Vive,that is impressive option for gaming. It boost some serious gaming capabilities. This includes triggers gaming and it is a grip which detects the notices.

Samsung Gear VR:

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR manages to deliver an immersive or three dimensional images VR experience by using a Samsung Smartphone only. The Gear VR supports the Samsung Galaxy Note7, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note7.Nowadays, Samsung Gear VR has been updated the new version 2016 that supports the Galaxy Notes7.

Playstation VR:

Playstation VR

This Playstation VR is an affordable VR and provides high quality. Now the playstation VR is finally out because of its inexpensive surrounding and gaming by connecting the hardware of the playstation 4 to deliver 360 degree graphics.

 Avegant Glyph:

 Avegant Glyph

This Avegant Glyph Video headset is the first personal theater in the world. The main features of this avegant glyph headset are that it is light-weighted, portable ,high quality video and clear video.

Razer OSVR:

Razer OSVR

RazerOSVR is a unique headset .Because it is only the product which approaches from VR to open source. OSVR is Open Source Virtual Reality. In this Razer OSVR headset , there is no confirmed plans to manufacture the consumer products or model But there is a possibility for that.

Ziess VR One Plus:

Ziess VR One Plus

Ziess VR One Plus is perform by using your smartphone to give you access to attractive or immersive three dimensional images, games etc. This headset has the ventilation ports in that to prevent fogging .Internal tracking through smartphone is possible in Ziess Vr One Plus.

Visus VR:


Visus VR headset is the first PC- driven virtual reality headset in the world which is used by the PC gamers means they are users or consumers not a developer. Virus VR perform with the smartphones or android  phones which has screen of 4.7 to 6 inches like Samsung Galaxy s5 or iOS devices .



FOVE VR is the highly successful kickstarter with double the goal. Eye tracking is the main advantage of this virtual reality headset. FOVE VR increases rendering power, where eyes are focused.



StarVR is also called Starbreeze. It is positional tracking, which is currently manages via QR codes. The use of QR codes is very easy because it allows the easy used of additional things.


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