Top 10 Best Antivirus for iPhone & iPad (IOS) free download

Now, we see the detail information about anti-virus, that is what is antivirus.

Defination of Anti-virus:


“Anti-virus term is may be defined that it is a software program or collection of software program which is used to prevent or detect the virus in machine like malware , Trojans, worms etc.”

That we are already know various types of anti-virus are available in market like Net protector, Quick heal etc. that we are used commonly for laptops, PCs.

Nowadays , iPhone & iPad are widely used by the peoples. In this type of devices, there are more chances like hang , corrupt ,data loses because of many harmful viruses. So, the solution of these types of problems antivirus is used. With the help of antivirus software , we can prevent or secure our iPhone or iPad from harmful viruses.

So , Let see the Top 10 best anti-virus one by one are as follows:

Top 10 Best Antivirus for iPhone & iPad:

  • Avast Secure Me

  • Lookout Mobile Security

  • McAfee Mobile Security

  • Norton Mobile Security

  • VirusBarrier

  • Avira Mobile Security for iOS

  • 360 Mobile Security

  • F-Security

  • MobiShield

  • Trend Micro Mobile Security

Avast Secure Me:


As we can see that, its name explains all  means it secure your machine or your device that it’s name has ‘Secure’. You all are familier with this AvastSecureMe antivirus software that is provide us vast collection of anti virus app for free for all available platforms. It is world’s first app that protects all iOS devices while devices are connected to WLAN or Wi-Fi. This anti-virus allows us to auto search for all available Wi-Fi and identifies  whether it is safe or not. The main features of this antivirus software is ‘virtual private network’ (VPN) which allows us to encrypt browsing experience. It helps you to protect your emails, browser history, and personal data from hackers.

Lookout Mobile Security:


This antivirus is provides the best mobile security for iPhone ,iPad or other iOS devices. It is generally popular for all iOS users.  This allows you to backup your all of personal data or your personal files. This app secures you from unsecured Wi-Fi.  It’s also tracks your device and it’s helpful to find out your lost iPhone device.  This Lookout Mobile Security is free to download for your iPhone and provides the complete protection for your iPhone or iPad.

McAfee Mobile Security:


The another brand name of this McAfee Mobile Security antivirus software is ‘arena’.  McAfee mobile Security notifies you about ongoing security bugs and protects your iPhone device. You can download this antivirus for iPhone for free. This antivirus software protects you from the unsecured websites, if there are any harmful issues or problems are found, so with the help of this Mcfee Mobile Security ,your iPhone or iPad device is protected from these harmful issues.

Norton Mobile Security:


Norton Mobile Security is mostly known as secutity brand. It detects unsafe app from your installed iPhone device and protects you from cyber criminals. As like another antivirus software, it also protect you unsafe website browsing  and also provide  security.It also protect from harmful websites which has include fishing and harmful or unsecured links. Norton Mobile Security is free for all iOS users.



VirusBarrier ,the word virusbarrier means ‘virusproblem’ or ‘virusobstacle’. VirusBarrier antivirus software is free to download from App Store for iPhone or other iOS users. It is used to analyzing your iPhone data and protects you from the malicious file or repair it. VirusBarrier not only protects your iPhone, it helps you to protect your Mac or Pc from harmful files. It has also features like Safe Browser, Location Tracker, and Safe Wi-Fi which are used to protect your iPhone or iPad.

Avira Mobile Security for iOS:


This Avira Mobile Security for iOS antivirus software is the best among all the antivirus because personal information or data like your iPhone’s contacts, Media files, Emails and even your credit card numbers are protected by this antivirus software. Avira Mobile Security is helpful to find your lost iPhone,  app can track your iPhone’s pin point geo-location.

360 Mobile Security:

360 mobile security

As like every antivirus app 360 MobileSecurity also protect your iPhone from emerging threats, malware, Trojans detect malicious app in your iPhone, secure your data.  It identifies  your data usage and t recover your lost iPhone.  The main feature of 360 Mobile Security is that it detect duplicate files .



Most of the time we like to spending on the internet with our devices like mobile phone, iPhones, iPad, PC, Laptops etc.F- Security keep your all personal data and information safe from thieves or hackers. F-Security features safe browsing, that allows you protect your devices. Other useful features are blocked unwanted calls, detect and clean harmful apps, mobile recovery to find out and erase device data on your lost iPhone device.



MobiShield is a good anti virus, this app can protect your data and apps by checking your iPhone’s threats or virus and immediately repair or delete it. MobiShield is used to optimizes your iPhone’s battery. MobiShiled is also used to Backup and Recover contacts. As like another antivirus software, you can download this app from App Store for your iPhone for free.

Trend Micro Mobile Security:


Trend Micro Mobile Security is an impressive or best antivirus, among above all mentioned antivirus applications. It protect your privacy and mobile device from loss. It is also used to track the data usage to avoid extra charges. We can buy activate product to get more protection.





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