Top 10 Android apps for College Students

Definition of Android app:

Meaning of Android:

It is an operating system mainly developed for smartphones, tablets and laptop by the Google-sponsored Open Handset Alliance. Android is the leading mobile platform worldwide. Android is a Linux Operating system and Java Programming language is used to develop Android.

Meaning of Android app:

“An Android app term is may be defined as that it is a kind of application which is run on the android platform or operating system.”

So, now let se the top 10 android apps for college students

Top 10 Android apps for College Students:

  • Tasker

  • Mint

  • Studious

  • SlideShare

  • WolframAlpha


  • Coursera

  • Sunrise


  • Evernote



Tasker is a type of automation app. It can be controls automatic hence, it is called automation app. It offers fully automation on your smart phone. Tasker is related with the programming tool called trigger. Means you set your own triggers according to environment.  Tasker indentifies your particular location that where you are. Your phone has settings,by enable or disable these certain settings on your phone ,it can be detect your current location. It can develop or launch many apps automatically and perform actions with the help of those apps.



Mint app is related with financial matters. It is generally used in banking field. It is one of the best financial management app among all the android apps. Mint app is used to view the all type information which you have update in your accounts. It gives fully accurate information about your banking transactions. It can also used for giving details about your loan matters. You can check your budget and edit the transaction information by the Mint. If you are lost your phone, so don’t worried about your personal details because the password is protected by this app. Thus, it is the main feature of this android app.



In the past, the students are forgetting to complete their homework or home assignments. The Studoius android app helps in these kind of problems. It reminds  the particular work which you have forgetting like your regular assignments or practicals. It is also reminds that when your exams are starts from.The main advantage of this android app is that it has an ability to automatic silence feature means when are entering the class, automatically your phone will be in silence mode by this Studoius android app.



Its name indicates that it is fully related with the presentations. SlideShare is an android app developed by the Linkedin with which we can see millions of  professional siledeshows from our mobliephone. We can search and view  different presentations like about technology, business related ,designable or entertainment etc. By this android app , we can share our favourite presentations to another person, save our professional documents to read offline or later. By this android app, you able to see the presentations whether you are in travelling, in class, in gym etc. anywhere.



WolframAlpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and information to calculate answers and generate reports for you. In another words, it can complies specific data and its computational capability that is to calculate the accurate answers and then quickly report generation process is to be done. It is related with the topics from matrices and astrophysics to stock data and social statistics. WolframAlpha android  app is friendly for every students. Means it works like a smart helper for every college students.



By its name, we can think that it works same as like calculator. All calculation are performed by this app. Hence, it is also called as Calculator app. CALCU app is used for regular calculations. CALCU has an attractive interface that’s why users or students are more attracts towards this android app .It has an scientific capability which used for work in the colleges. CALCU provides all types of regular and scientific calculator functions in a simple, stylish and easy to use.



Coursera helps to connect the students, professionals, everywhere with free online courses from over all the global universities and educational institutions.  Coursera app for Android is now available for download in the Google Play Store. Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education offer online courses. Means it provides free online courses for different fields, including computer science, medicine, mathematics and etc.



Sunrise is the best calendar application. It is also type of android application as like another application. Features of Sunrise android app is as like features of Outlook. It offers clean design through which users can attracts towards this android app. Sunrise has also launched a version for desktop Web browsers.



IFTTT means If This Then That. IFTTT lets you create powerful connections for our simplicity. For example,If there is rain, then few hours earlier IFTTT send you e-mail. IFTTT helps you do more with the services you like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Fitbit, Slack, Skype, and more. This IFTTT android app is renamed as ‘IF’. IFTTT can automatically save the attached file to your Dropbox account for safe keeping. It also helps to manage your accounts.



Evernote is a free app that helps you remember everything in all your android devices. Evernote is used to take notes, capture photos, create various types of lists, and even record voice reminders. Evernote is very easy to use, easy to handle and easy to understand.


According to me, above all 10 android apps are best for college students but it depends upon the fields that students are studied in which specific field or sector. If you are a management student, then Mint app is better for you because it is related to management field. If you are preparing for banking or work in bank, then also Mint is the best option for you. If many students are forget to complete work, in that case Tasker is best app for them. If you are work related with some kind of mathematical calculations, then CALCU android is better for you. If your are a engineering student then WolframAlpha android app is best app for you because it has capability to handle all types of algorithms. These apps are best for college students according to my opinion.



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