Best Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners

At first, we can see the proper definition or meaning of fidget spinner

Definition of Fidget Spinner:

“A term Fidget Spinner is may be defined  as that it is a type of toy which consists of a bearing in the center part of a multi-lobed flat structure which is made up of from metal or plastic like substance that designed to spin along its axis.”

A Fidget Spinners has been invented in current year that is May 2017. But Similar devices has been invented as early as 1993. In those days, that toys are has been popular among the school childrens.

A Fidget Spinners are became popular in current year that is 2017. But generally they are made for the fidget people means restless people.

fidget spinner

For the new users or beginners who don’t know what is the  fidget spinner, don’t know the functions or how it works and how it is handled or play with the toy. For that purpose, the simple tricks are mentioned below:

Best Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners:

  • The Convertible

  • The Change-Up

  • The Reverse Sonic

  • The Polarity Switch

  • The X-tetrad Leapfrog

  • The Single Tap

  • The Double Tap

The Convertible:

This Convertible trick is the basic trick to move fidget spinner. By using convertible trick it is very easy to move the fidget spinner. Simply you can hold the spinner in one hand and spin it than pinch it using your thumb and middle finger only. Once it get rotate fast leave the thumb and now it remains spinning only on your middle finger.

The Change-Up:


This change-up trick is similar as above convertible trick means this process is also start with the same process as ‘convertible’, expect you never let your thumb up. Spinner is turning between your thumb and your middle finger slowly tossing it to your hand and moving down your middle finger and thumb and spin fast.

The Reverse Sonic:

This Reverse Sonic trick is little bit hard as compare to above tricks. To start process, you can take one of the three blades of the spinner using your index finger and thumb. Then slowly toss into the air and catching with the index finger and thumb.

The Polarity Switch:

 Close attention is required by this trick. As like above tricks, you can turn the spinner with your thumb and index finger. If once’s it  spinning speedly, lightly try to catch by using your thumb and index finger. After that we can see that,  it dosen’t stop spinning.

The X-tetrad Leapfrog:

This X-tetrad Leapfrog trick is more difficult than above tricks. It is very hard job for beginners. Before that beginners should perform the convertible process. Once’s it got a speed,toss it into the air and catch it on its tend using middle finger only and make surr that it doesn’t stop spinning .Then try to continue doing it by using your other finger, if you have got that part down.

 The Single Tap:

As like X- X-tetrad Leapfrog, this trick is also start by performing the convertible trick. While it keeps spinning , that time toss it back up into the air by using backside of your hand and catch the bearing on your index or middle finger.

The Double Tap:

The Double Tap means its name indicates that tap twice. Means perform the single tap trick or process for twice time. It gets difficult because the spinner starts to lose when it transfers from finger to hand.


According to my opinion, the first The Convertible is the best trick for beginners. Because it is the easiest trick as compare to another tricks.  The Convertible trick is used in all tricks which are mentioned above. It is basic trick hence it can be placed at the first position among all the tricks. Other tricks are also good but this is the easy and best for the beginners.

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