Best chatting android applications

First of all we talking about what is application.

“An application is a program or group of programs, that is designed for the user.”

Now we can see the best chatting android applications:

Nowdays,android applications are widely used for chatting. The popular or the famous example is the whatsapp.It is used at large scale nowadays.In the modern world, every person or about 90% people has an whatsapp account.Like whatsapp applications, there are various android applications used for chatting.

Let see one by one:

  • Skype
  • Kik
  • Google hangouts
  • LINE
  • Viber
  • WeChat
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messenger



Skype is Microsoft’s service & its known all over the world as one of the best messenger app or android app.Video chatting is also possible in the skype application.



Kik is also a android application was developed by a group of university students in the year 2009. Kit is a trendy, cross platform, smartphone application used for instant messaging. You can use kik to send messages individual friends as well as groups of friends same as like android applications.

Google Hangouts:


The good thind is about google hangouts is that most people who use android, gmail, or google already have google hangouts.In this type of application, there are also emojis, stickers and you can share that things to your friends.



LINE is one of the most popular messaging services in the world with over 100 milions downloads. The appearance of this android application is good or very pretty, so that why, people are more attracts towards this LINE application. There are types of emojis and stickers that users used for the sending attractive messages towards the people.



Viber has quietly become one of the premiere or public messenger app in the world.You can also made free calls to other Viber users free of charge as like other android application.The main feature of this android app is like games the ability to delete the messages after they have been sent.And there is cross-platform support for PC users.



WeChat android application is a Chinese social media mobile application which is developed by the Tecent. It is a messaging app or calling app that allows you to easily connect with family members & your friends which are lives in foreign countries.It is also certified ny the Truste which gives it a privacy. There are also games you can play in you leisure hours and you can meet new people using the Friend Radar feature.



Whatsaapp is known by everyone, even small childs are alsdo familier with this app. They easily handled with this app & all of operations like sendinf messages,pictures,videos & alltypes of video clips are easily handled by them. It is very popular android applications among all types of applications.All peoples are familier with this whatsapp android application. This is popular messaging app is one of the few apps. Using this android application, you can chat as well as group chat with anyone. This app is easy to understand as compare to another type of android applications.Nowadays, every peson regularly update the status showing daily updates about his life or about his daily activities like at work, out of station, at shopping, etc. Whatsapp developers have been slowly adding all kinds of features overe the last two years. We can see that daily innovations are done by the developers.So according to me whatsapp is the best chattring android application.



Facebook messanger is one of the popular messanger application used all over the world. Facebook messanger is nowdays is used by the millions of people. The people & college students are very crazy about facebook application. Many peoples are doing only timepass on facebook,they use facebook all over the day,this is the main disadvantage of this facebook app. With the help of this application, we have the ability to place free voice calls, use stickers and emojis(this emojis are the inbuilt symbols of various expressions like happy mood,sad mood,crying,exciting,shocking etc.just like emojis or symbols which are available in whatsapp).  We need not mobile no for the creating the facebook account then this the main advantage of this faacebook application.



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