“The Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug- 2017!”

From childhood we are heard about the eclipse. There are mainly two types of eclipse that are Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. Many peoples are crazy about eclipse or they like to see  the eclipse. We can see the the lunar eclipse easily but we can’t the solar eclipse easily. It is not good for our health or specially for our eyes. Hence, many peoples are wear the glass to see the solar eclipse or with the help of X-rays.

So, Let’s talk about Solar Eclipse:

What is Solar Eclipse:

solar eclipse

A Solar Eclipse is a type of eclipse that occurs or seen when the moon passes between the sun and earth, and the moon fully or partially blocks the sun.

“The Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug- 2017  !” :

A total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, August 21, 2017.

Before talking about topic solar eclipse 21st-aug-2017 .We will see the actual meaning of Total Solar Eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse

“A total solar eclipse is a type of eclipse that can occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter or visual diameter is larger than the sun’s blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness.”

As we mentioned above that on 21st-aug- 2017, a total solar eclipse will occur. The event has been described by the “Great American Eclipse”. It can says that solar eclipse is visible totally only in United States. The total eclipse will be visible only through the United States. It will be first seen in the US at morning 10:15 a.m. The time period of this solar eclipse is nearly about 90 minutes it means it takes one and half hours. After that it will progress through east direction to another areas like  Salem, Casper, Lincoln, Kansas City, Nashville, and finally Charleston.  It will be the first total solar eclipse visible from the south eastern United States since the solar eclipse of March 7, 1970. In some areas, the partial solar eclipse will be seen including all of North America, Northern South America, Western Europe, and Africa. The August 2017 eclipse will be the first with a path of totality crossing the US’s Pacific coast and Atlantic coast since 1918.  This solar eclipse would not be visible in India on Monday 21st-Aug- 2017.


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